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It’s not everyday you get into one of Britain’s best-loved newspapers, so when you do you’ve got to enjoy it.  Even if that means posting a whole blog about it.


The Guardian article looks at how start-ups are disrupting the recruitment industry by using AI-driven processes.


We think it’s inevitable that recruitment will become more reliant on data-driven methods.


Although job search sites and platforms like LinkedIn offer certain information about a candidate, they don’t tell you whether the candidate is going to be a good fit at an organisation.


Guardian writer Alison Coleman identifies that recruitment tech start-up Headstart is using AI to create an single, personalised application for companies to match with employees, while Pivotal Talent uses a performance prediction model to shortlist candidates.


However, we’re most proud of what she has to say about Weavee…


Personnel analytics company Weavee is helping companies tackle the unconscious bias issue, by recommending candidates on the basis of what they are capable of, not what employers assume they are capable of.

As a computer science and games technology graduate, Weavee’s founder and CEO James Grant had experienced the challenges of job seeking.

He says: “I was frustrated by the rigidity of corporate structures and how the definition of success simply didn’t gel with what I had to offer. Rather than set out to change companies’ makeup, I thought it would be more effective to use data to improve matchmaking between companies and candidates.”

Weavee combines performance and psychometric data on existing employees, enabling companies to seek out candidates with the potential to succeed within their culture. It also offers a test for candidates to determine which type of company culture would suit them and identify the personal skills they have to offer.

Companies using Weavee outline their specific challenge, and the system is configured to address it. For example, Weavee has helped insurance company NFU Mutual identify employees that are well suited to grow within their business.

Grant adds: “Remploy [a recruiter] is also using our platform to counter unconscious bias and help disabled job candidates secure roles on the strength of their ability.”

Launched a year ago, Weavee has more than 5,000 users on its platform.

You can read the full article here.


So which data-driven techniques will start-ups like Weavee or Headstart use to better understand individuals within a company, and company culture?


That’s something we’ll be looking at our most recent WeVent, which will host panellists including former BBC broadcaster Robin Bailey and Managing Director of Rockstar Group Jonathan Pfahl.


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