Written by Weavee

Starting a business is tough. You need to perfect the idea, develop a concept or prototype and (hopefully!) execute it successfully.


But when developing the perfect product it’s often easy to overlook the most crucial aspect – the people who make it successful. Managing employment standards is an integral part of business, but is frequently overlooked by smaller companies.


How to leverage your team effectively

Business owners tend to leave HR to the back burner and only come back to it when they’re hiring or when they simply have no other choice.


Whether they’re investing their own time or hiring a professional to conduct work, businesses often fail to see the value of HR.


While the department was once only concerned with filing pay slips and compiling handbooks, it’s now getting smarter at ensuring staff are working effectively and are managed effectively.


Understanding your team and developing the right environment to get the best out of them, enables them to grow naturally. It’s hard to spend the time and focus on staff when roles vary and professional experience is lacking.


How we do it at Twipes

At Twipes, we’ve got a team of five, so having a dedicated HR person would be inefficient. Instead, we listen to the needs of our team and understand what gets them motivated.


We understand that our company is only able to grow as fast as our people. The best way for us to meet targets for growth is keep improving how we motivate and leverage people’s talent.


By Ellenor McIntosh, CEO of Twipes