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Weavee successfully hosted it’s first Human Capital workshop at Arbuthnot Latham. Originally a merchant bank when founded in 1833, Arbuthnot is now a Private Bank.


We first encountered Arbuthnot Latham as part of the Inspiring Innovator awards co-hosted with City University London. Since then we have seen the bank grow in capacity and Weavee has grown also.


Entering the B2B space

We first pitched the idea of hosting a Human Capital Talent Acquisition workshop to Arbuthnot in December 2017. Paul Beach, Director of Entrepreneurship supported the proposal and provided the venue with which we could talk about the human capital methodology we pioneer.


human capital

Human Capital Transformation

The overriding message of our workshops are the benefits of transformation from Human Resources to Human Capital. A new idea within the UK market which supported the reason for Weavee. Transforming businesses from human resources to human capital.


The message

Human capital is about understanding the impact of people within a company. Using data to help a person with personal development and growth rather than the subjective biases we are all guilty of. With our method we can help company leaders become better at managing and improving the performance of people within a business.


Feedback from the event

Following the amazing feedback we received from the event, we have decided to continue hosting new and exciting workshops for businesses. These will be for all who want to be involved in this emerging way of thinking.


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If you would like to learn more about Arbuthnot Latham visit their site at: www.arbuthnotlatham.co.uk


Arbuthnot Latham

Thank you Arbuthnot Latham!

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