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The single most important resource in a business is talented people. Talent takes all forms and growing businesses capitalise on the value with great leadership. We are now able to use human capital analytics (HCA) to generate growth and productivity in the businesses we work with. In addition, we provide new talent which can deliver continuous value.


I have been building Weavee for the past 11 months as a high-tech recruitment business. We use our platform to understand who the candidate is and the job they want. We drive their talent into the arms of businesses using our technology and recruitment mix.


The right placement of talent is core to Weavee. Our aim is to reduce employee attrition and increase the productivity of businesses. Studies have shown an average cost of £30,000 for every new hire in a workplace but this does not include the cost of time taken to acclimate a person to a new environment (usually around 32 weeks).



What is Human Capital Analytics?

Our new partner, Red & White Consulting is a pioneer in the Human Capital Analytics domain, has over 40 years combined CitiBank experience and a huge portfolio of clients including KPMG, China Construction Bank and Development Bank of Singapore (DBS). Through this unique collaboration, Weavee gained international recognition and now has access to a huge suite of methodologies and experts which we can provide to UK businesses to drive growth.


HCA encompasses multiple parts of the business process. By understanding the leadership within a company, driven by business goals, we provide a complete analysis of the company structure and personality. With the potential of greater than 80x return on investment for larger companies, the Weavee and Red & White Consulting collaboration is well positioned to grow rapidly with the correct support.


High Tech Recruitment

Businesses typically target candidates from well-recognized universities, with good grades and traceable experience. A common perception is that such an individuals will be able to deliver the most consistent value for an organisation.


This situation has to exist today because of the lack of clear and precise information on how a potential candidate can impact an organisation’s business performance. With the community we are building, our technology and a complete understanding of your business we can put the correct talent into the workplace and know the benefit they can bring.


What is next for Weavee?

Our team is now global. We would like to do a second fundraise to grow the team and technology. Weavee as a startup is built to be scalable. To continually multiply the value we can add we will be both a growing recruitment business and a community of people who believe in the vision we can fulfill. If you would like to learn more about the Weavee platform visit: weavee.co.uk, or to learn more about how human capital analytics can grow your business get in touch by email: [email protected]

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