Written by James Grant

Image above: Weavee founder, James Grant, meets Vint Cerf, co-creator of the internet.

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What is a disruptor and why is it better?

  • The literal definition of a ‘Start-up’ is a newly established business
  • The definition of a ‘Disruptor’ is a radical changer which introduces a new product or service to create a new market.


I really do not feel the term ‘Startup’ encapsulates what Weavee is about as I am engineering something that is built to solve the inefficiencies of recruitment.  To do this we have had to tear up the ‘recruitment rule book!’ A start-up solve the recruitment problem as in the London marketplace ‘Start up’ is known as a small aspirational business with a lot to prove, it requires lots of effort to create and because of this is a much harder sell.



Here’s the conversation I had with Paul Durrant of PDT Sales Consultancy

James Grant – “I’m conscious of the image that the term ’Start-up’ projects i.e. that everything is new and unproven


How about the term disruptor?” – Paul Durrant


And thus the term ‘disruptor’ was adopted!

Weavee is a serious disruptor, beware!






It was perfect, new and the choice of using this term was disruptive within itself and all it took was a simple conversation to propel the next wave of Weavee imagination and creativity.


Are you looking to differentiate yourself in the London marketplace? Try using the term disruptor, it works wonders from my experience. It will help people understand your vision and create the team mentality that you need to keep evolving. Do not to sit still, try to break down the problems and create a solution.


Being a disruptor will differentiate your business and set it apart as being progressive, trend setting and innovative.


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