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Weavee is about building an immersive recruitment experience that discovers what you can do and gets you the job you want.

We have created a 2D model of the experience and will soon be building the 3D immersion into the platform via a Kickstarter


kickstarter experience recruitment

– Promotional image of WeaVR, You will be in the middle of a job’s universe


What is the data?

We have researched many sources of data, and continually a few key credible sources are able to highlight the situation of the industry:

47% of small businesses cannot find qualified applicants for open positions (NFIB, 2016)

89% of Glassdoor users are actively looking for jobs (Glassdoor, 2016)

51% of employees are considering a new job (Gallup, 2015)

Average time to hire staff is 68 days – twice as long as in 2010 (CEB, 2015)


What is the solution?

Weavee’s reason for existing is to make recruitment more efficient and more transparent.


We have grouped this into one concept: Empowerment


For a job seeker empowerment:

  • gives you confidence in your ability when walking into an interview
  • wants you to only go to jobs you want to do
  • helps you know your own value, enabling a solid base you can grow from
  • creates career security to make a quick job transition
  • allows taking on jobs you have the ability to do
  • provides better awareness of upcoming roles that can forward your career
  • delivers more time free to focus on career development over job hunting


An empowered person is someone who puts themself in control of their own destiny


How do we achieve this?

  • Weavee is building a tool set provides empowerment to you. It is an appraisal suite able to deliver layers of depth to reinforce your core self.
  • When you take an appraisal, receive feedback you can use to build a career, we can use the same information about you to show you jobs you can do.
  • It allows you to build a career based on real data that exists within the market
  • To recruiters this is golden, it enables a better understanding before the interview, they can more effectively place you into a role and it makes you more satisfied when entering the role


Recruitment is Complex

Why is it such a difficult problem to solve, why has nobody done it yet? Recruitment isn’t simple, it requires multiple parts, multiple stakeholders, multiple people and a solid plan to execute the hire of each role. Therefore it will not be solved via a simple “Uber for recruitment” model.


Humans are complex, require motivation, stimulation and support to attain true potential, each of us are different, with different needs. Therefore you cannot have a simple app that promises one process for all or to get people a job quickly. Neither the employer nor the candidate will have time to validate, “is this candidate/job correct for me?”


At Weavee we talk about career progression daily it is the top priority for millennials (PWC, 2016), by combining this with “The Job-Hopping Generation“ (Gallup, 2016) there has grown a gap, how do decisions affect your career route, is the path correct for you?


– The Weavee 2D discovery Companion, we want to make it 3D


About the team

The Weavee startup came from one person and a problem, but it became a product after it started bringing people into help. The new ideas allowed new avenues to explore and grow the business. Weavee has grown organically, and the team with it. It has grown with purpose, each growth in the team has opened new doors to further business growth.


“I started Weavee because of the problems I had within job seeking. Each time I put my CV online I was bombarded with calls, maybe 1 in 20 of the calls was a lead that could be a job interview and 1 in 100 would lead to an offer.

The calls would be to find my details, asking if I could do this or do that, mostly my CV had not been read, I spent 20 minutes in a pointless phone call and everybody’s time was wasted. I was getting better at what I do but my job seeking was getting harder.” – James Grant, Discovery Executive


james typing

– James, a millennial working hard!


The fast growth of Weavee is possible is due to the size of the problem, almost every person that we talk to needs the support offered to progress their career. The reason we know this is correct is due to our own experiences, the problems we have had and also talking to others on the problems they face.


For now we want to grow Weavee, to do this we need the strong support of the community to get involved and help us pioneer new advances in the working world. Create new experiences and add depth to the flat 2D screens we use daily. WeaVR and 3D is just one avenue we are looking to explore.





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