Written by James Grant


TLDR: WeWork is great, but it is very much down to the individual needs of yourself/your company as to whether it is right for you.

Disclaimer: This is an unbiased review of the time I have had over the last 8-9 months. I am only going to talk about Aldgate East WeWork and the community. Each WeWork is different!



A great pop up market across the road from the building is highly recommended (especially Katsu wrap) and there are also plenty of chain stores around the area which you can frequent. With a 10 mins walk to most of the major train stations that can take you into central London (or out of it) the building is perfectly placed as a centralised East London hub for those who don’t intend to use the space too often.

falafel wework


– The local falafel team (this guy makes 7 at once!)



The events of WeWork are varied and good quality with at least a few large events per week and popup workshops that can help you grow your company, the variety supports the theme of WeWork, there is something for everyone.


We run an event at WeWork called WeVent (wevent.co.uk), although the event was a huge success we found it very difficult to tell the WeWork community about it. It has to be done manually via the app as you are unable to put posters of events around the building, this is challenging and requires constant attention/what feels like spamming of people that are in the WeWork community. The primary reason our event worked was due to eventbrite and our strong team promoting externally to people outside of WeWork.



Printers, unlimited tea, coffee, beer what is not to love? The meeting rooms, community areas, desk spaces are all high quality and set a precedent of the type of company you are to guests. You are free to register as many guests as you like per day to use the space.



Each of the 3 floors at Aldgate Tower feels like it’s own little hub, with the main source of communication between the floors being the events hosted on the 4th floor. It is often really difficult to know what each of the companies are up to without physically asking each. The members app serves to fill this gap as best as possible as you are able to search the community for what you need.


What is missing?

One thing I believe is missing is a general (physical) notice board where upcoming information for the building e.g. events could be posted. Campus London is well known for this and I believe it is needed at WeWork. Previously the app served this purpose well as it defaulted to the local building, however it now requires a search and then filter to find all the local information, whether this works for you depends on if you prefer globalised or localised news.


Overall I enjoy the WeWork community, I do however think that it needs a few simple tweaks which can bring more people together as around the building it is difficult to understand what people are doing.


I would highly recommend WeWork to those that are setting up a freelance business, an agency or are an established company. WeWork can work for startups however it would be better to find an incubator which can provide structured support. All of the progress Weavee has made has been at WeWork has been independent and has led me to seek greater support of other institutions e.g. City University to act as a way to reach our user base.


Hope this review helped!

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