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What is Weavee ?

Weaving is a skill that’s been around for thousands of years, it triumphs in the bringing together of thousands of threads and binding them into a single greater picture. Weavee doesn’t just sound the same as this artisan skill, it’s built on the same concepts. It brings together and binds the threads of your life, whatever they may be to give you a vision of the bigger picture.

Sometimes with creations you step back and consider what you’ve made and realise it wasn’t what you set out to achieve at all, this can be dispiriting. Weavee shows you how to grow back into your aspirations. So long as you keep adding threads to your tapestry no path is ever forever closed to you.

The similarities between Weavee and weaving is that even before the process is finished other people can start to see the potential design, offering such compelling suggestions that you start seeing in the same way they do, reaching the point where you laugh at what you thought was the original point… this is where Weavee’s partners come in, if your life is a tapestry then they are the best art buyers in the world and they can see your qualities sometimes faster than you can. And in doing this they can help you discover where you really belong.

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Weavee’s core is driven by the pains of the hundreds of thousands of people each year leave who leave university desiring a career without the support to enter the jobs market. Weavee is built by the very graduates who have experienced the problem first hand. Weavee is a tool to empower you as you grow and we aim to inspire and empower people via our unique thinking, amazing concepts and talent.

When you use Weavee understand the potential of what is to come, the core beliefs and values that set us apart and the passion we put into what we do. This is the same passion that we want you to achieve, to find roles and jobs that are correct for you and the talent you possess.

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