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A successful evening with inspirational and powerful stories from people and lots of moments to share. WeVent’s (and also Weavee’s) first appearance into the startup scene. The theme of which was networking with a marketing recruitment focus. WeVent proved itself to be a triumph among the graduates, employers and recruiters in attendance.


WeVent focused on three Weavee concepts:

  • I Discover
  • I Empower
  • Discovery Executive


Although new terms people soon understood them (come to the next WeVent to learn what they mean). WeVent created an atmosphere where attendees were able to drop traditional event formalities, this created a perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity which enabled engaging conversation.


Across the event we had over 80 in attendance. Weavee CEO, James Grant, started off the event by introducing all of the special guests, startups, companies and sponsors by thanking them for attending and supporting the first event. After the introduction, the guest speaker, Gary Brown, combined his sense of humour with his storytelling skills to captivate all of the audience. Gary’s story was relatable enough to make sure every person in the room was absorbed.

gary brown


– Guest speaker Gary Brown of Career Evolution


During the speak we were reminded how failure is just part of the process. That night we understood what being empowered is, we were reminded that the only person standing in our way is ourselves. After Gary’s speech we knew that even the sky wasn’t a limit anymore!


What’s next?

The future of WeVent looks bright. The foundations built has made it possible for us to scale for the future. Now that we have proven the model we can continue creating more events which can take place in the close future.

Register at Weavee.co.uk or go to the WeVent.co.uk website to keep up to date on when the next event will be happening!


Our first WeVent was sponsored by Brightsparks.co



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