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Brexit was a once a lifetime opportunity for the UK. It gave us, the public, the chance to stay in the EU or leave, the results surprised both the Remain and Leave campaign, with the UK voting to leave.

The question on all our minds is “what next?” Many industry leaders are debating on how their companies should handle these events.


How might Brexit affect graduates getting hired?

Across the industry we have seen a clear trend in graduate recruitment hiring (unfortunately downward). Companies such as law firms, banks and other major business are expecting to cancel or cut back recruitment for graduates. Cutting graduate recruitment is considered one of the easiest methods of saving money as the support and training required is expensive and a higher risk than an established professional.


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But all’s not lost!


“It is important that in uncertain times business holds their nerve and continue to create confidence in the job market”.

– Laura Hinton, PwC


Fortunately for us graduates companies such as Goldman Sachs, Next and PwC have stated there will not be any change to their existing schemes. At PwC they hired more than 1,500 graduates last year, and they have stated that they are committed to doing the same this year.


We strongly believe this is an opportunity

In uncertain times it up to us to grasp the future, we have a choice in what to do. The way we should approach this is with optimism and hope for the future. Take what you know now and start building again. While not knowing can be scary, it also leads us to a greater chance of moulding our own paths, to show what we are made off. It is now the time to show the world what you are capable of. Companies need us to grow, without our support companies will stagnate, flounder and fail. When you go to your next interview or discuss your role converse on the value you can add, how you as a person can help prepare their company for the times ahead.

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Will there be a reduction in post Brexit graduate job hiring or will we see a boom in the job market? One thing is certain: graduates are the backbone of innovation, the drivers of fresh energy and correctly positioned a force that cannot be ignored.

In the same way that Weavee is evolving you must evolve too, and as one very old English saying goes



“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

You too must venture onwards and create your own destiny


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