Written by James Grant

The elevator pitch of yourself. Your ambition, ability and personality. Reading through a vast swath of articles on the internet can provide a general overview of what to write. Today’s article is a specific focus on what builds a great personal statement.

My personal statement has evolved throughout the years, from applying to universities to being an experienced freelancer, each iteration showed distinct growth throughout. I would like to take you through some of what I have learned and help you write a statement that will dramatically increase the appeal of you and your CV.

Personal statement

A general rule of thumb I stick to is:


If someone else can write the same statement, it’s not about you”



What this means is that you need to understand the value you can add and focus upon this. Rather than trying to generalize explain who you are. At the end of the day it is important to find a role that suits your style and to do that it requires honesty. So here is my explanation on how best to approach this.


What can you do?

Start at the core of what you have achieved, the experience and ability you have and the motivations behind it, what problems have you solved? From there you should look into the experience you have and decide what is the most important to you and focus on these points to build your introduction line.

One of the first questions that a recruiter will ask to themselves when looking for an excellent candidate is do you have the correct skills for the role. Elevate your most valuable skills into the personal statement so that the recruiters know exactly what excites you and add a journey to the statement which can emote with the reader.



“I strive to build creative websites using JavaScript”



What do you want to do?

This is your motivation, the reason you want to work, a great line will show passion, drive and intellect. By doing this you are also defining to others a clear reason for progression in your career. Make this specific to your motivations, values and personality.

A recruiter is going to be looking out for your development to showcase to the employer a person who has the potential to develop within their business. Co-incidentally this will make it easier for the employer to understand where you fit into their company which should further speed your integration into their workplace.

E.g. “I want to apply the knowledge I have in a fast paced, competitive environment”



Every person will have a different opinion on how to build your personal statement, but at the end of it all you should be the only person who writes it. When writing your statement make it and memorise it. Speak it out loud when you talk to people and evolve over time with both yourself and what you do. Remember to focus on the two key points, be unique and explain yourself happy career hunting!

An example of a personal statement:

“I build websites and actively grow my experience to improve the small projects I have build over the past Y months e.g. XX. I would like to progress and work in a fast paced environment which can help me to both develop and create value for my employer”

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