Written by James Grant

To make informed career choices a person must understand what they able capable of and who they are, but how? In this world there are no tools allowing us to become better within our careers, to help us make important decisions and put us on paths which can grow us in the best possible way. Weavee soft launch 2 is about the beginning of solving this problem that hangs over our lives, just “How do we become better?”

Weavee soft launch 2 is about You

During the previous soft launch we noticed early on that we wasn’t explaining enough what Weavee is and why you would want to use it, with Weavee soft launch 2 we are focussing on growth and transparency.

I have talked to countless people all of whom talk about the problem of how they easily find the jobs which require their skills and suit their style of working. Weavee solves this by asking you to discover what skills you have and what jobs best suit your personality. We then automatically show you all of the relevant jobs which are best for you.

We have a long journey ahead of us. The outcome will be worth it!

Click the image to take the Weavee Big Five Personaliy Appraisal!


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