Written by James Grant

Weavee was a social network when it was first envisioned. After a period of technical development it was ready to be launched as an MVP. The founder, James Grant, was working as a freelancer at Hays recruitment company where he discovered Weavee would be more viable as a recruitment tool. Based on this he started pitching to people an IT job matching algorithm with a unique interface which is now patent pending. Positive feedback has allowed Weavee to grow to the product it is today…

Weavee journey

After pitching to investors and subsequently finding a financial director the decision was taken to move into the WeWork Aldgate East community; where things took off. The access to groups of people and businesses would enable the product to grow on both a technical and business scale.

The focus became the candidates who would use Weavee. Creating a product that was able to capture the imagination of people and provide a service that was sustainable and profitable in the long term. Discovery became a key word and we subsequently grew the Weavee platform from something which could match you jobs to something which could help you “Discover Your Career”. A candidate should not bend themselves for a job instead we want to find the career that is most suitable for them, based on their skills and abilities.

Currently Weavee is focused on the matching algorithm, taking the hot topic of today “skills gap” we are matching people to jobs with their skills. We want to grow this to an entire testing suite which helps a person find their skills and discover their ability for it. This would improve the matching algorithm credibility with the intention of being able to offer pre-tested candidates to those who want to place candidates, with each profile an accurate description of the person.

At the current point in the Weavee discovery process our focus has become how to effectively grow revenue. We have a B2B model as it will not limit candidate growth. It was at this point after talking to recruitment agencies that it became apparent of a gap in the market. No-one sells purely to the +20,000 UK recruitment agencies. Many products allow recruitment consultants on their platform however they also allow an employer to circumvent the agent by letting businesses post on their platform, we will be exclusively for agencies, any businesses that want access to the candidate data must pay a premium.

Where Weavee is now as a business is interesting. A stage where a great precedent has been set, the opportunity to grow is in place and the company is financially stable via private investment. Industry professional advisors are keen to come on board with the platform and grow it to a stage where the product begins generating revenue, all to continue the Weavee journey…

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