Written by James Grant

A bit of history. Since my last post in December, things has been busy and Weavee has evolved since then.

Busy Times

I’m now working in WeWork Aldgate East and am thoroughly enjoying the experience, surrounded by brilliant people, startups and the ability to tap into tech city is driving business development.

Supported by a team of advisors, both people and businesses, we are all helping to drive Weavee.

This has provided an opportunity for me to give back to those who are helping create such an awesome platform. The Weavee community.
Visit the homepage to learn about the companies and people that are currently growing Weavee. The community is currently anĀ appreciation of the commitment that others are giving to Weavee. I am setting a precedent for things to come!

Weavee is a startup, I am building the foundation for something great which has the potential to benefit lots of people. Discover yourself on Weavee…

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