Written by James Grant

How We Are Using D3.Js

D3.js is typically associated with graphs, but for us it is a tool to organize content and infer semantics in a visually appealing and intuitive way.

The core of the Weavee recruitment platform is access to relevant jobs, the ability to organize and match to a job with the minimal amount of effort. We could have chosen one of the many different design approaches, mimicking the trends of many websites today through card layouts, tabular etc. We wanted Weavee to be unique and so something different was needed.






Enter D3.js, a JavaScript framework built for data display, the strengths of the platform being its flexibility and variety. Our Opportunity Graph is built from a mashup of multiple tutorials, topics and online resources e.g. interactivity, click and drag, maintaining distance between objects, every problem encountered required a different and unique solution.

Weavee’s graphs are force-directed with data pulled from the jobs loaded onto the platform. You are the middle of the graph with the surrounding jobs organized by their match score.

It is an important part of Weavee to empower the user. The ability to not only see your potential job matches but also inform what’s missing from your skillset to obtain your ideal job.

With Weavee we can use D3.js to tailor the experience of the platform on a per user basis. Pure data informs the design and a delicate balance between the two lead to what you see today. Currently job match scores determine the distance of the job matches from you in the center, organized into categories, “Good, Great” etc with the radius of each node used to determine the quality/importance of an individual job. Every user will see a different layout that grows and changes as you improve your profile on Weavee.


D3.js can be more than a graphing tool, it is also a way to demonstrate how websites can be different but still keep their design and content.

We are still in early days with D3.js so any feedback is much appreciated, drop us an email: [email protected] and lets discuss how we can make it even better!

To checkout the Weavee Beta with our skills based approach to job matching go to:


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